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Healthy Societies

Healthy Societies is an initiative that brings together policy-makers, academics and other stakeholders from a range of sectors and assembles the best available evidence to advocate for a world where everyone enjoys better health and well-being through more sustainable means – protecting both people and planet. 

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reclaiming comprehensive public health:
a call to action for equitable and effective covid-19 responses

The Call to Reclaim Comprehensive Public Health, launched in December 2020, responds to concerns and missed opportunities in pandemic responses. It calls on heads of state and government, and others involved in shaping the response to COVID-19, to adopt a set of ten principles and approaches to provide inclusive, just, equitable and effective public health approaches in countering COVID-19 and future pandemics.

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What we do


healthier policy and practice by providing an accessible space for stakeholders from across sectors to share resources, knowledge and ideas 
the formation of a growing community of practice based on the best available evidence
a movement of people with shared beliefs, values and aims committed to advocating and agitating for laws, policies and practices that deliver progressive and pro-equity health outcomes

The Food Diaries

the power of a mcdonalds ad

What, and who, influences what we eat? Far from being a free choice, we believe that our food habits are deeply influenced by the societies and everyday environments we exist within.

To answer this question, over 100 school children across seven countries have been filming these influences to help us better understand the everyday environments which, across much of the globe, are making it increasingly difficult for people to eat well and increasingly easy to eat badly.

Read more in the Guardian's coverage of our project: Coke, crisps, convenience: how ads created a global junk food generation.

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The time to act is now to address the global epidemic of childhood obesity fueled by the marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children. A human rights approach to improving diets and food systems will ensure a balanced and principled outcome grounded in the dignity of all mankind and the sustainable use of the earth’s resources to the benefit of this and future generations.

Nicole D. Foster

Attorney-at-Law and Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados

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